The Faculty of Medicine and Oral and Dental Surgery celebrated Thursday the graduation of the sixth batch of students (19 students) in a joyful atmosphere in which the students and their teachers enjoyed their great happiness through the fruits of painstaking efforts for years, in which the faculty was keen to provide a scientific environment worthy of the Libyan International Medical University, Uniqueness in its learning methods.
The graduation ceremony was attended by: The President of the University Prof Dr. Mohamed Saad and Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Oral and Dental Surgery.

The founding of the Libyan International Medical University “the first national scientific institution” ten years ago (in 2007) was a real challenge and a bold and serious initiative to improve the level of education in Libya. They are determined to move forward on achieving their distinguished scientific project, In spite of all the difficulties and obstacles faced by them, based on the principles of quality and international standards, according to the latest developments, techniques, curricula and study systems, the quality of the educational process, and improve the skills of analysis and criticism and creative skills through the adoption of modern methods of reliable teaching It focuses on student centered education, a realistic strategy for structured self-learning and mentoring, knowledge acquisition and the development of skills and talents related to the professional and life practices of future generations, enabling them to be in the ranks of international universities.

The speakers also expressed their confidence in the Libyan International Medical University and its various faculties, in particular the Faculty of Medicine and Oral and Dental Surgery, and its Dean, its professors and scientific methodology, and renewed its confidence in the university. Then the first batch was honored and the third and fourth years of the faculty were honored also the outstanding students in research and studies were honored  from professors and students.