Strategic Structure

The college is committed to the following strategic objectives:

1. Developing curricula and updating teaching methods and practical and clinical education
2. Develop appropriate assessment mechanisms for self-learning
3. Development of e-learning, e-training and distance learning
4. Work for the application of graduate programs
5. Increase scientific, educational and research activities in the local community
6. Increasing knowledge capital through scientific research
7. Development and implementation of programs to raise awareness of noble values
8. Developing and activating health, safety and environmental awareness programs
9. Implementation of the risk management project at the college and university levels
10. Increasing the number of new students enrolled in the college
11. Attracting and developing continental faculty members
12. Increase the satisfaction of college employees
13. Increase capacity development programs for college employees
14. Reduce paper usage
15. Increased exploitation of mechanization means
16. Increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction
17. Implementation of Business Process Management System

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