As part of the activities of the 3rd Benghazi Orthodontic conference in Tibesti hotel, which was attended by many specialists and dentists nationwide and even from Jordan, LIMU dental students presented posters which was admired by the attendees:
*Wisal Elferjani, a Third year student presented  ‘Pain perception among Orthodontic patients in Benghazi city’ .
*Hadil Mohammed, a Fourth year student presented  ‘ Patients satisfaction with Orthodontic treatment ‘.
*Amira Saleem, a Fourth year student presented  ‘Optimizing Orthodontic treatment in patients taking bisphosphonates for osteoporosis’  .
*Sara Bushweger & Abd elKareem, both third year students presented ‘ Myobraces as an alternative to conventional Orthodontic treatment’ .
We are proud of LIMU students and their professors for their accomplishments and wish them the best always. A special thanks to Dr Eman Alabidi, head of the Libyan Orthodontic Society for her continuous support.