The Faculty of Dentistry Is unique to Its Libyan Counterparts

The Faculty of Oral Medicine and Surgery of the Libyan International University of Medical Sciences are distinguished from its Libyan counterparts as the only faculty that studies the tooth implant as a separate subject, and includes lectures, laboratories and practical applications on cases of cultivation
Oral Medicine and Surgery

Two students from the fifth year of the faculty : Widad Abdel Basit Al-Thieb and Randa Faraj Azvir performed immediate dislocation and cultivation of two patients, each one of them got a comprehensive case study by the students as an end to the graduation requirements. It should be noted that the two operations were conducted under the supervision of a faculty member, a transplant specialist, Dr. Ibrahim al-Jarushi, and Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Tarhuni, who is responsible for infection control, and for assisting the fifth year student student Omar Al hussein and the Franchise Doctors Khadija Bobtaina , Aseel Shembesh and Mohammed Alfadli

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